Vegetation clearing changes for rural landholders in Queensland – March 2018

On Thursday the 8th of March 2018 changes to the vegetation management laws were tabled in Queensland Parliament, which involved sweeping changes to the vegetation clearing laws.

We are currently analyzing these laws and will update this blog post as we work through them. Also many of these laws have not been finalized and many details have not been released.

Please bookmark this post, and we will update as we become aware of any changes

Does it impact on my current PMAV/Category X areas?


There does not seem to be any changes to the current PMAVs. Category X/white will remain Category X as long as you have a PMAV in place.

Will it impact on any PMAV applications requested prior to 8th March 2018?


It should not impact on any PMAV applications requested prior to 8 March 2018

What if I do not have a PMAV ?

The new laws have proposed to regulate the clearing of:

  • Regrowth vegetation (called high value regrowth – HVR) that has not been cleared in the past 15 years – will become Category C
  • Vegetation within 50 meters of a watercourse in coastal catchments – will become Category R

Maps of these areas are currently available on on the DNRME website or Queensland Globe. Generally we find the DNRME website is easier to acquire a map, but it requires lot on plan details:

How will it affect any new PMAV applications?

The following changes will impact any new PMAVs or PMAVs applied post 8 March 2018:

  • Any areas that are Category B and proposed to be Category X will need to consider if Category C or Category R

Any areas that are Category X on a current PMAV should not be changed with any new PMAV applications.

Does it impact existing thinning/fodder/Category C notifications/permits?


It looks like that all existing thinning, fodder, and Category C clearing notifications are now invalid.

All landholder with existing notifications will need to re-notify DNRME before they clear, and follow the new codes.

We will provide information on the new codes in future updates.

Does it impact existing encroachment notifications/permits?


It seems that existing encroachment notification/permits are unaffected.

Does it impact existing exemptions for clearing to maintain existing infrastructure or routine maintenance?


The changes do not seem to suggest a change in existing exemptions for maintaining fences and built infrastructure, or for clearing new fences in least concern vegetation.


Please note that we will be updating this post as we become aware of the new changes and how they will affect rural landholders.

For further details you can call  Paul Humphreys or Geoffrey Sinclair on 4994 1000