Flying Fox Camp Management Plan in East Kempsey

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Ecosure prepares Draft Management Plan for Rudder Park flying-fox colony in Kempsey.

The aim of this Camp Management Plan is to provide Kempsey Shire Council with a framework to manage community impacts associated with the camp, while also ensuring flying-foxes and their important ecological services are conserved.

The Rudder Park flying-fox camp is located in East Kempsey. The camp has been the source of complaints from nearby residents, mainly relating to noise, odour and health concerns.

The Flying-fox species of Rudder Park camp are:

  • Black Flying-Fox, (protected under NSW legislation)
  • Little Red Flying-Fox (protected under NSW legislation)
  • Grey Headed Flying-Fox ( vulnerable under commonwealth affording it additional protection)

We are in the middle of community consultation so read our management plan and have your say before August 21.