Our History

From its humble beginnings in a Gold Coast home office more than 20 years ago, Ecosure now boasts multi-billion dollar clients including Lend Lease, Bechtel, Shell, Arrow and the Department of Defence. Ecosure entered into a new league between 2004 and 2007, providing the environmental planning and compliance for the Gold Coast Airport’s major runway extension. This defined the moment Ecosure became one of the biggest players in the environmental consultancy sector.

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Ecosure has stayed true to its core purpose of protecting our ecosystems while also building an efficient business framework that values its people and adjusts to the demands of its clients. Not only did Ecosure survive the global financial crisis, but we experienced significant growth when other operators were forced to downsize. The company’s diverse range of services and a focus on quality played a significant role during these uncertain financial times.

Company founder and director Phil Shaw started Ecosure as a 25 year old fresh from the University of New England. A passionate ecologist, Phil grew the business, and in 2012 teamed up with Matt Smyth, a successful civil engineer with extensive construction management expertise, who brought with him leading management practices that have seen the company rise to the next level in the industry and secure the trust and business of high profile clients. In 2016 Phil once again took ownership of the company and today Ecosure is the largest provider of ecological services in Queensland.

Ecosure is committed to working for clients large and small who share our vision of quality of service leading to good environmental outcomes.