Ecosure sets up new South Pacific Office in Vanuatu!

Senior Ecologist Nigel Cotsell is bringing Ecosure’s ecological services to the South Pacific having recently set up a new office in Port Vila on the island of Efate. Nigel brings 25 years of experience in conservation planning from across the Pacific having lived, worked and played in many Pacific Island nations. Nigel has a wealth of experience and knowledge from a diverse range of environmental portfolios. For the last 10 years Nigel has been operating as a senior manager across a range of Natural Resource Management portfolios with a demonstrated track record of providing direction and achieving results through multidisciplinary teams. Nigel has worked across a range of policy, strategic planning and environmental legislation to deliver, with partners, a range of targeted threatened species and ecosystem management priorities. Nigel’s career has involved reporting and communicating project results to government, private sector, investors, stakeholders and the community. Brokering multi-stakeholder partnerships that align with organisational priorities to achieve threatened species outcomes has been a focus of his career. Nigel has particular experience in:

• Ecological assessment
• Biodiversity strategic planning
• Protected Area Management
• Threatened species management
• Landscape corridors and bio-links
• Vegetation assessment and mapping
• Climate change landscape resilience

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