Cameron Radford

Cam is a highly qualified Wildlife Biologist and Ecological professional with over 12 years’ experience in ecological consultancy and wildlife conservation research. Cam specialises in human-wildlife conflict resolution, wildlife research and analysis, wildlife tracking, and threatened species and communities surveys, assessment and management. Cam is responsible for delivering high-quality ecological services whilst managing the growing Sydney regional team.

Cam’s ecological and scientific experience across private, NGO, government and academic sectors throughout Australia and globally has enabled him to develop a diverse ecological skill set to apply to a range of projects including biodiversity impact assessments, threatened species targeted surveys and monitoring, species reintroductions, wild canid taxonomy research, threatened ecological community recovery using fire, threatened species threat abatement, and species reintroduction and management plans. Cam has recently returned from Botswana where he undertook PhD research in predator-livestock conflict, working within local communities to develop novel and high-tech conflict solutions and understand livestock resource use and habitat selection in a landscape of fear.

Cam has presented at both national and international conferences on topics ranging from a native bush rat reintroduction, edge affects and road crossings for wildlife, livestock resource selection and a novel tool for preventing large predator attacks on livestock.

Cam has a passion for the natural environment and assisting people with finding solutions for coexistence with nature.

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