The environment industry is an exciting and rewarding industry to be a part of. Like many enterprises, it can be daunting and challenging to get a foot in the door. Michael O’Grady is a previous Graduates within Ecosure and is a real-life example on how to break into the environmental business.

‘I studied Environmental Science at James Cook University because I wanted a job where I could work outside. My focuses were on rocks, water and soil. My partner and I moved to Rockhampton from Townsville. Shortly after, I stumbled my way into a job with Ecosure. I started out working as a Field Operative Officer doing weed control, under the watchful eyes of the Team Leaders and Manager.

A Principal Scientist recognised me as tech savvy after we worked on a project together and referred my skills to the Regional Manager. It led me down the path of being offered a graduate position in the Rockhampton office.

I am now an Environmental Consultant, dipping a toe and collaborating with our sister company, Avisure. My days are always different, and I spend most of my time doing GIS, bird management, water quality sampling, making electronic data capture work, fauna spotter catching and ecological surveys. I pride myself on being innovative having led the change of introducing electronic data capture within our team.

One of the biggest perks of this job is the places we get to go to on various projects. I have been involved in doing ecological surveys on Facing Island and along remote high voltage transmission lines, taking helicopters to remote areas of Shoalwater Bay, and doing weed management along some amazing beaches.

There is a culture at Ecosure that is hard to put into words. Everyone seems to have this attitude that no problem is unsolvable, and everyone trusts the team to get the job done. This culture makes Ecosure a great place to be a part of. Everyone is happy to pass knowledge on and share their past experiences while being pleased to learn from others as well. I really like working for Ecosure as there is always something different going on.’