Emily Hatfield

Emily has been working in the environmental industry for 20 years and has experience in ecological assessments, threatened species monitoring, habitat assessment and fauna trapping (including pitfall, harp trap, funnel, cage, cathedral netting and camera), fauna spotter catcher services, project administration and management, report writing and captive wildlife husbandry.

Emily is particularly interested in wildlife conservation and management having undertaken koala Spot Assessment Technique surveys and flying-fox management for local and state governments both in Queensland and New South Wales.

A versatile member of the Ecosure team, Emily designs and facilitates a variety of community engagement workshops and forums and is accustomed to dealing with a variety of stakeholders on human wildlife issues and environmental conservation messages.

“Working in and for the environment enables me to contribute not only to my quality of life, but also to hopefully leave a diverse and extraordinary wilderness for future generations to experience too!”

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