Ecosure assists the construction industry to meet the development and infrastructure needs of our growing population by ensuring our construction clients understand and meet their environmental obligations under relevant local, state and Commonwealth legislation.

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We understand the importance of delivering safe, timely, cost-effective services to achieve project targets. Through our certified environment (ISO14001), quality (ISO 9001) and safety (AS/NZS 4801) systems, we have streamlined our business operations to lower our environmental impact, guarantee customer satisfaction and increase staff safety.

Ecosure offers a suite of environmental services tailored for the construction industry, built on our thorough understanding of environmental legislation and its specific application to development and infrastructure projects.

Ecosure’s services assisting the Construction and Development industry

  • Construction environmental management plans (CEMPs)
  • Development approval applications and legislation compliance assessments
  • Identification of baseline environmental values, including flora, fauna and aquatic pre-clear surveys, mapping, habitat assessments, impact statements and species management plans
  • Highly skilled fauna spotter catchers/fauna rescue with all required equipment, safe work systems and experience on major projects
  • Compliance monitoring against CEMP requirements
  • Provision of environmental inductions and tool box talks to construction staff
  • On-ground vegetation management, weed control and maintenance activities
  • Experience and relevant permits to trap, restrain and relocate problem wildlife, as well as having capacity to take tissue samples and access our in-house veterinarian staff for specialist technical support.

To read more about the Construction services Ecosure provides please download our Capability Statement.