Ecosure has had significant involvement in Defence projects over the last five years. As one of the largest specialised ecological consultancies in Australia, Ecosure has supplied specialist environmental services to Defence in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Tasmania.

Ecosure employs 100 qualified and experienced professionals, specialising in Ecology, Vegetation, Wildlife, Aquatic Ecology and GIS. We deliver practical, timely advice and tailored solutions to complex environmental issues within Defence-managed lands.
We have supported biodiversity and landscape management on Defence properties for over five years through field surveys, desktop reviews, reporting, GIS and environmental works. Some of our staff have over 20 years’ experience in Defence projects. Ecosure has undertaken a wide range of projects associated with water quality, pest animal management, wildlife hazard management, vegetation management and management planning.

Many of our staff hold Australian national restricted security clearance and are mindful of the responsibilities and safety requirements associated with working on Defence projects. Ecosure’s understanding of the special expectations of Defence clients allows us to deliver desktop assessments, surveys, technical documents and environmental works that are practical, technically rigorous and legislatively compliant.

As Ecosure is compliant with Environment (ISO 14001), Quality (ISO 9001) and Safety (ISO 9001) standards, clients requiring expertise for Defence projects can be confident they are dealing with an environmental consultancy that values excellence and the wellbeing of its employees at all times.

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