Ecosure’s consultants have extensive rural experience in Queensland and New South Wales legislation, with over 20 years’ experience working in state, local and federal governments.

Services that Ecosure currently provides in the rural sector include:

  • Clearing code assessments
  • PMAVs
  • Operational works – thinning
  • Mobile mapping
  • Protected plants (blue dots)
  • Vegetation offsets
  • Biosecurity plans
  • Compliance services

Clearing code assessment

Accepted development clearing codes (formerly known as self-assessable clearing codes) are currently available in Queensland to allow rural clients to clear for encroachment, weeds, agriculture and other clearing requirements. Ecosure can provide the relevant reporting requirements and clearing extent to ensure compliance with the relevant clearing codes.


Property maps of assessable vegetation (PMAVs) are the mechanism for correcting vegetation maps with NRM.

Ecosure has developed a mapping system for property-scale PMAVs to correct mapping errors at the on-ground scale, resulting in significant increases in Category X areas. This method is cost-effective for landholders as it can be completed without a field visit by using aerial imagery. We can also provide detailed mapping to fix simple issues with PMAVs, or conduct site surveys for amending endangered, of concern REs and essential habitat requirements.

Operational Works – thinning

Under the latest changes in the self-assessable assessments for thinning application are now no longer valid under latest VMA legislative changes. Thinning applications now need to be processed as operational works applications with SARA. Ecosure can help process thinning applications for approval.

Mobile mapping

Identifying the on-ground location of PMAV boundaries and vegetation clearing permits can be difficult to determine. To help with this, Ecosure has developed a mobile mapping system for iPhone and android systems that works in areas without phone coverage. Using this app you can accurately determine on-ground clearing boundaries to maximise your grazing and agricultural activities.

Protected plants (blue dots)

Areas identified as high risk area for protected plants require a clearing exemption or permit from Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (EHP) as well as flora survey by a suitably qualified botanist. Ecosure has completed many of the surveys for rural landholders to allow them to clear land covered by blue dots, including organising permit and conditions for occasions where EVNT species have been found.

Vegetation offsets

The vegetation offset framework has the ability for landholders to receive income for putting up their land for offsets. This can be achieved by dealing with companies directly through advanced offsets, or by applying for financial offset payments the government has banked away.

Ecosure can:

  • Identify what offsets are available on your property
  • Help with the surveys required to meet the advanced offset requirements
  • Help with negotiations and management plans to receive offset payments.

Biosecurity Plans

The Biosecurity Act 2014 (Qld) replaces a number of acts relating to weeds, pests and other biosecurity matters.

The Biosecurity Act requires every landholder to follow a general biosecurity obligation (GBO), to ensure that pests, diseases or contaminants are not spread.

Ecosure can help with producing a Biosecurity Plan for your property to meet your GBO, and also ensure that anybody who enters your property is aware of and meets your biosecurity requirements.

Weed management plans

Ecosure has experienced botanists to assist in identifying and mapping weed species on your property, and recommend management options to control weed species. We also have dedicated field teams that can assist in on ground control. We can provide expert evidence on weed infestations if you believe that the weeds may have been introduced by a third party.

Compliance services

Ecosure consultants have extensive expert witness experience in court cases involving tree clearing in Queensland and New South Wales. We have successfully negated many clearing fines given to landholders by showing that the clearing carried out could have been completed legally with the correct permits.

For information on rural services, please contact our Rockhampton office on 07 4994 1000