Our History

In 1994 a passionate 25 year old ecologist fresh from university flipped a coin to decide his future. Torn between a career as a high school science teacher and opening his own business, fate dealt its hand and the rest is history. From these humble beginnings, Ecosure is now the largest provider of ecological services in Queensland, boasting a proven track record for excellence; supporting clients; advising government policy makers and delivering long term environmental solutions.

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Initially a one-man operation working in pest management, Ecosure has since diversified into a multi-disciplinary environmental consultancy that is leading the industry through innovation and excellence in environmental science. Where once the business operated out of a home basement in Tugun, the company now services much of Australia with offices at the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Central Queensland, Sydney, Coffs Harbour, Adelaide and Sunshine Coast.

Founder and Managing Director, Phil Shaw, believes clients are drawn to Ecosure because of its ethical approach to business. “With us it’s what you see is what you get. There’s no hidden agendas. Our benchmark is to always deliver better environmental outcomes for a project than if we hadn’t been involved and we do that by helping clients understand their options and which are the most efficient and effective solutions to their problem. We always look for win-wins.”

Ecosure is committed to working for clients large and small who share our vision of quality of service leading to good environmental outcomes.