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Big Hairy Audacious Goal:

To improve the ecosystems of 100 million hectares and 1000 islands worldwide by 2030





ethics Passion
Passion is at the heart of our company. Passion is our internal motivator. It’s an energy that comes from within. We are passionate about making a change. We are committed in heart and mind.
We’re optimistic about the future. We seek success in what we do as a business and for our clients. We seek out the good in things first. Optimism allows us to inspire those around us.
We lead by example. We empower, guide and motivate people around us. We show ownership and pride in what we deliver. We continuously seek innovative solutions. We are courageous.
team spirit Team Spirit
We work together as one team, across regions and disciplines. We laugh and have fun every day. We trust, support and look out for each other. We celebrate our successes and failures…that’s how we learn! We respect the ideas and opinions of others.
We act with integrity and respect. We believe in ethical commercial and social practice. We are honest, open, genuine and fair. People trust us to adhere to our word. We know where to draw the line.
Responsive Responsive
We act on opportunities immediately. We anticipate the needs of our clients and our internal stakeholders. We go above and beyond to achieve the highest quality outcomes.  We work quickly, diligently and deliver on time.


Our Audacious Goal – 100 million hectares by 2030


Why 100 million hectares?

We believe this needs to be big and bold –big enough to show we are serious about making a change. Big enough to ensure people want to join us on this journey! Big enough to ensure we create partnerships with natural resource managers, traditional owners, landholders, education institutes, local government, communities, state and federal government, philanthropists and private industry. Ultimately our dream would be to restore an entire catchment from the very top of the catchment to the mangroves, seagrasses and out to the reef. One whole integrated and functioning ecosystem.

Effective catchment management in Australia has always been a paramount priority but even more so now. We are committed to integrated riverine system conservation and in particular riparian zone restoration.  Water flow and water quality & thus food production and human health depend on integral riverine systems. Keystone species such as the long-distance dispersers, Flying Foxes, use riparian zones to roost. Population viability in iconic species such as koalas and platypus depends on riparian resources and the connectivity provided by contiguous waterways.  Coral reef integrity is dependent on the clean efflux from our rivers that can only be achieved with intact riparian zones. Ultimately robust river systems are the basis of resilience in all biomes across the continent.

We advocate cross-disciplinary programs aimed at restoring riparian vegetation, preserving and encouraging riverine colonization by key species, and landholder monitoring water quality and flow regimes. Projects will be integrated across different commercial sectors and maintained by local catchment area communities. They should be the central component of a community-based land stewardship program.

Why islands?

Islands are a microcosm of what happens at a much larger scale on land. By improving the resilience of an island we see on ground changes happening very fast, the issues can be contained and the solutions scaled up to a level that is practical with a meaningful outcome. It also means engagement with the local and traditional owners of that island in order to build their capacity to deliver great environmental outcomes on their own sea country.

Islands also encompass every part of what Ecosure does best: ecological restoration, pest animal management and ecological monitoring. We can do this both above and below water. On the land, we manage weeds, erosion, pest animals and undertake monitoring to show improvement.  Under the water we push for pioneer species in degraded areas, remove crown of thorns and undertake the monitoring to show improvement. Where islands are surrounded by a reef system we will work on improving the resilience of the surrounding reef through coral restoration.

We are passionate about this. It gives us optimism for the future. We are the leaders in island restoration worldwide. We do this ethically and are quick to respond. Our team spirit is demonstrated in our cross-disciplinary and vertically integrated approach no one else can do this the way we do.