GIS Analysis & Mapping

Ecosure’s comprehensive Geographic Information System (GIS) capabilities play a vital part in almost all of our environmental projects ensuring thorough and accurate information at all times. GIS identifies problems and assists our environmental consultants to find the ultimate solutions for clients across a variety of industries; government, airport, defence, mining and resources, infrastructure and development, and energy sectors.


Ecosure uses a multiple of GIS software (ESRI ArcGIS, QGIS, GRASS GIS, WebODM, BlenderGIS, iGIS) to unlock location intelligence for its projects. GIS has many applications and is used as the key component for Ecosure’s spatially-focused work, as well as playing a critical part in almost all projects for data management and analysis.  Ecosure also has several drones and CASA certified operators, which it uses to obtain updated high resolution aerial imagery, and to build 3 dimensional models for analysis.

Ecosure has led the way in experimenting and programming with open source GIS solutions, which has allowed Ecosure to supply cost effective GIS solutions to clients, as well as supplying support services and training for other companies to develop there own GIS capabilities.

Ecosure’s GIS consultants all have environmental qualifications, and have been regularly used as expert witnesses for GIS matters in determining environmental harm extent and significance in Queensland and NSW court cases. The team’s expertise is regularly called on by local governments and private sector clients seeking quality GIS-based environmental services.

Ecosure’s GIS services include

  • Mobile mapping solutions
  • Vegetation mapping via aerial image interpretation
  • Drone mapping with 3D modelling
  • Training, support and setting up QGIS spatial systems for companies
  • Spatial modelling including potential habitat, species density and landscape permeability
  • GIS and conservation planning training

To read more please click here to download our Capability Statement.