Ibis & Pest Animal Management

In 1995, Qantas estimated that an Airbus A300 bird strike involving a 2 kg ibis at Gold Coast Airport cost the company $8 million.


From this beginning, Ecosure has been delivering solutions to native and introduced wildlife population issues for 21 years, and is one of the largest specialised ecological consultancies in Australia.

At the forefront is Ecosure’s knowledge of ibis management that provides an unrivalled understanding of ‘best practices’ and effective management of ibis along the east coast of Australia. Having been the leader in this space for more than 20 years, Ecosure continues to successfully develop and implement long term programs for private landholders and an extensive list of local governments throughout Queensland and New South Wales. Despite setting the bar for ibis monitoring, management and reporting, Ecosure is always looking for innovative techniques and efficiencies.

Experienced field staff with knowledge of ibis activity within Queensland and New South Wales are vital to Ecosure’s comprehensive approach to ibis management. Satisfied clients often engage Ecosure to assist with additional services relating to native species management, like flying-fox, crows and brush-turkeys, when they see firsthand the results our ibis management plans can achieve.

Our knowledge of wildlife management programs also provides an unrivalled understanding of effective and ethical management of pest species. Ecosure has successfully completed a range of projects for local government, Department of Defence, private enterprise and airports using a vast range of techniques to humanly manage species such as foxes, rabbits/hares, pigs, dogs, cats, deer and goats.

A significant component of Ecosure’s pest and wildlife management is a safety focused culture led by our highly experienced safety manager. Our wildlife biologists and field staff are proficient in on-ground practices such as the use of firearms and working at night, and therefore appreciate the risks and constraints associated with pest management programs.


Before ibis management at Black Swamp in Redland City


After Ibis Management

Ecosure’s Ibis and Pest Animal Management services

  • Surveys and monitoring, utilising a variety of techniques
  • Management plans
  • Facilitation of stakeholder groups
  • Dispersal
  • Population restriction (i.e. egg and nest removal, egg oiling)
  • Humane culling (i.e. pest animals)

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