Weed Management Plans

Weeds are costing Australians billions of dollars every year. They are destroying natural areas and are a severe threat to biodiversity, farming, horticultural and urban areas.
Ecosure has the proven ability to control weeds and reduce adverse impact for all landholders and managers.

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Ecosure’s team offers a sought-after approach for successful management of weeds throughout natural areas regardless of size. We continue to assist multinational energy providers, the construction industry, state and local government departments, farmers, landholders and community groups manage large sites. In doing so we have helped them save considerable resources, time and expense.

Whether it be compliance-related or in order to improve site conditions, Ecosure can deliver current ‘best practice’ weed control or work alongside you to develop a plan that is easy for your operational staff to interpret and implement Ecosure’s weed management plans include detailed mapping to assist site management and the direction or works as well as locating weeds. The practical plan will identify priority areas for management and provide details on each weed, control techniques including how and when to diversify techniques, the rates of control and types of herbicides and additives recommended. To ensure efficiencies across the site we also include options for photo-monitoring, reporting and site specific information.

Our committed team devise and implement on-ground actions offering all clients invaluable experience right throughout the process. Managing weeds is the responsibility of all landowners and by maintaining a weed free environment we are, importantly, ensuring healthy ecological habitat for our wildlife.

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