Wildlife Management

Ecosure boasts a large team of wildlife biologists, ecologists, and pest management specialists that are dedicated to the management of both native and exotic wildlife. Our wildlife management services encompass construction-related services such as fauna spotter catching, nest box installation and monitoring; threatened species management; pest animal management (both on-ground and strategic planning); and human-wildlife conflict, in particular flying-foxes and Australian white ibis. We also offer IUCN Red List training workshops which provide clients with an in-depth understanding of the Red List categories and criteria and provide them with the skills required to undertake Red List / EPBC Act assessments.

Human-wildlife conflict is a key issue due to urban growth and habitat modification. These processes drive wildlife into areas occupied by humans, or vice versa, creating tension and conflict. At Ecosure, we mitigate human-wildlife conflict through a range of field and consulting services, to ensure the health and safety of both wildlife and people.


Land clearing is regulated by local, state and federal legislation and a Fauna Spotter Catcher/Fauna Rescue may be required to inspect a site prior to clearing and be present during clearing operations. Ecosure has assisted many companies with their clearing projects including Fulton Hogan, Lend Lease Laing O’Rourke, Bechtel, Arrow Energy and Thiess.


We understand that threatened species management is key in the delivery of a successful project. Our senior and principal ecologists, restoration ecologists and wildlife biologists have extensive botanical and zoological knowledge, and lead all aspects of threatened species assessment, management, recovery and protection whilst meeting legislative requirements. 


Ecosure is the leader in flying-fox management with extensive monitoring, research, education and planning experience. We ensure that all activities meet legislative requirements and take an ethical approach to flying-fox wellbeing.  


Ecosure delivers a range of tailor-made training workshops on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™, including remote workshops delivered via videoconference.


Pest animals are devastating Australia’s fauna and flora. Feral cats and foxes prey on at least 350 native animal species, killings hundreds of millions of individuals each year. Herbivorous and omnivorous animals including feral goats, pigs, rabbits, and camels degrade ecosystems and consume vast quantities of native vegetation. Ecosure measures, mitigates, and minimises the impact that pests have on our native flora and fauna. 


Ecosure has installed nest boxes for a range of clients and projects; from installing a few nest boxes on privately owned land, to installing and monitoring hundreds of nest boxes for large infrastructure projects such as the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing (Nexus Delivery).


In 1995, Qantas estimated that an Airbus A300 bird strike involving a 2 kg ibis at Gold Coast Airport cost the company $8 million. From this beginning, Ecosure has been delivering solutions to native and introduced wildlife population issues for over 21 years, and are industry renowned specialists in ibis management.


Human-wildlife conflict management


Fauna spotter catcher services


Threatened species management

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Flying-fox management


IUCN Red-List training

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Pest animal management and biosecurity plans

Red fox on alert

Nestbox installation & monitoring


Ibis management

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