Human-wildlife conflict management

Ecosure has extensive experience managing human-wildlife conflict across Australia. We have developed management plans for a range of clients and species including flying-foxes, Australian white ibis, dingoes, seagulls, brush turkeys and macropods, to name a few. Our management plans balance a range of issues associated with human-wildlife conflict, and provide feasible, cost-effective, and ethical solutions to clients.

We also have extensive experience developing High-Risk Species Management Programs for clients undertaking works that may impact the breeding places of colonial breeding species, endangered, vulnerable, or near-threatened species, and/or special least concern species under the Nature Conservation (Animals) Regulation 2020. We have detailed knowledge of state and federal legislation and regulations surrounding human-wildlife conflict management. This, in addition to our breadth of ecological and behavioural knowledge, allows us to provide unrivalled services to our clients.

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