Pest animal management and biosecurity plans

Ecosure’s ability to successfully manage pest populations is supported by our comprehensive understanding of pest animal behaviour and ecology. Ecosure has successfully completed a range of projects for local government, Department of Defence, private enterprise, and airports using a vast range of techniques to humanely manage species such as foxes, rabbits/hares, pigs, dogs, cats, deer, and goats.

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We have a team of specialist consultants and wildlife biologists with a thorough working knowledge of biosecurity, pest management legislation and expertise in the development of biosecurity and pest management plans. Our biosecurity and pest animal management plans aim to address stakeholder and community concerns and to provide practical and effective guidance for pest management. 

Our on-ground pest animal management services include:

  • surveys and monitoring 
  • on ground control 
  • baiting programs 
  • trapping 
  • shooting in rural, peri-urban and urban settings 
  • chemical immobilisation (darting) 
  • warren and den fumigation.

Ecosure’s pest management team have a focus on safety instilled through ongoing training and a risk mitigation culture. Our wildlife biologists and field staff are proficient in on-ground practices such as the use of firearms and working at night, and appreciate the risks and constraints associated with pest management programs.

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