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Ecosure is a multi-disciplinary environmental consultancy that understands the importance for energy and natural resource companies to deliver safe, timely and cost-effective services to achieve project targets. Ecosure manage and monitor environmental impacts in accordance with legislative requirements and company objectives for a variety of high-profile clients including energy suppliers, wind, solar and power stations. 


Ecosure values are based on ethical commercial and social practices and relationships that are fair and sustainable. 

Ecosure has extensive experience working with renewable energy developers and constructors including: 
Acciona, Downer, Endeavour Energy, Energy Queensland, Epuron, Hadstone Energy, Lacour Energy, RES Australia,  
RCR Tomlinson, Stanwell, United Green. 

We offer a whole lifecycle service for the environmental services of projects from preliminary desktop assessment and scoping to ecological assessment reports, environmental impact assessment, micro-siting and post-approval monitoring.   

Environmental Services Available

  • Ecological surveys
  • Environmental approvals 
  • Vegetation management 
  • Wildlife management  
  • Offset initiation and management 
  • Environmental monitoring 

Environmental services for all phases of projects

Feasibility, Due Diligence, Development Assessment, Construction, GIS Services, Operations and Monitoring

Due Diligence

  • Preliminary desktop assessment
  • Environmental permit and approval analysis
  • Government and stakeholder consultation

 Development Assessment 

  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Strategic environmental planning advice 
  • Flora and fauna surveys
  • Aquatic surveys
  • Targeted threatened species surveys
  • Protected plant surveys in high risk areas
  • Vegetation mapping and assessment
  • Bird and bat utilisation surveys and analysis
  • Planning legislation and policy
  • Management and offset measures
  • Management plans
  • Referrals under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999


  • Construction environmental management plans
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Weed control
  • Species management plans and programs
  • Pre-clear survey and fauna-spotter-catcher (FSC)
  • Protected plant clearing
  • Regulated vegetation clearing
  • Waterway barrier works

GIS Services 

  • ESRI (ArcGIS) or QGIS
  • Cloud-based data collection 
  • Ecological data analysis and modelling
  • Remote sensing applications 
  • Client data portals

Operations / Monitoring 

  • Ecological monitoring, including pest vertebrate management and bird and bat surveys 
  • Restoration plantings / offsets
  • Environmental offset monitoring
  • Water quality monitoring
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