Ibis management

At the forefront is Ecosure’s knowledge of ibis management that provides an unrivalled understanding of ‘best practices’ and effective management of ibis along the east coast of Australia. 

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Ibis play an important role in nature. 
Report an ibis sighting to help find the balance between managing and protecting this native species.

Ibis have adapted well to living in the urban environment and readily co-exist with humans. We on the other hand find their noise, excrement and smell rather conflicting.  Ecosure continues to successfully develop and implement long term programs for private landholders and an extensive list of local governments throughout Queensland and New South Wales. Ecosure’s experienced staff set the bar for ibis monitoring, management and reporting and are always looking for innovative techniques and efficiencies. Finding the balance between reducing human-wildlife conflict, while ensuring the wellbeing of this protected species is central to Ecosure’s ibis management programs.  

Satisfied clients often engage Ecosure to assist with additional services relating to native species management like flying-foxes, crows and brush-turkeys, when they see firsthand the comprehensive results our ibis management plans can achieve.

Ecosure’s Ibis Management services include:

  • Surveys and monitoring, utilising a variety of techniques
  • Management plans
  • Facilitation of stakeholder groups
  • Dispersal
  • Population restriction (i.e. egg and nest removal, egg oiling). 
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