Restoration planning

Image: Numinbah conservation area | Josh Kennish

It is essential that all stages of the restoration process are well organised and well timed to facilitate the recovery, germination and establishment of plants and habitat.

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Our restoration plans are prepared in accordance with the aims of the project, integrating information and goals outlined by land/sea managers, Traditional Owners and stakeholders, and consider many factors including the surrounding vegetation, fauna, presence of threatened species, condition of the site, the capacity of the site to recover, the budget and likely workforce. Plans come complete with detailed maps, species lists, clear direction, weed control information, detailed information on revegetation, site management and monitoring.

Using Ecosure’s knowledge and experience, clients have been able to avoid costly mistakes and restore a site more quickly. Timing, accurate work and application of the most appropriate restoration approach and set of techniques can be the difference between success and failure. Our many successful projects have varied in size, from small bespoke projects of installing 100 plants to larger scale koala restoration projects requiring the establishment of 114,000 koala food and shelter trees together with large scale assisted regeneration. Many of our projects have required detailed site restoration planning and detailed project design to ensure the goals for each project are achieved.

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