Freshwater & marine

Ecosure delivers unique solutions to water health management concerns and can assist with legislative compliance. Our dedicated aquatic and marine team are highly regarded in the industry for speciality work in freshwater, estuarine and marine ecosystems.


Ecosure’s ecologists have the understanding and experience required to tailor services to meet the client’s needs. Ecosure’s freshwater and marine services include:

  • Water quality monitoring and assessment (surface and ground)
  • Developing and implementing site specific Receiving Environment Monitoring Programs (REMP)
  • Developing water quality objectives
  • Fish, aquatic reptile, mammal, macroinvertebrate and flora assessments
  • AUSRIVAS assessments
  • Aquatic values surveys and management plans
  • Water resource impact assessments
  • Aquatic and marine ecology impact assessments
  • Stygofauna monitoring
  • Ecotoxicology
  • Wetland and watercourse classification and delineation, including mapping
  • Fish salvage for dewatering purposes/aquatic fauna spotter catchers
  • Aquatic species management plans
  • Waterway barrier assessment and riverine permitting
  • Freshwater and marine habitat restoration.
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