Human-wildlife conflict management & co-existence

Human-wildlife conflict (HWC) is an increasingly pressing global issue due to human population growth, agricultural and urban expansion, and climate change. These processes result in wildlife moving into areas occupied by humans, or vice versa, creating tension and conflict. HWC is characterised by conflict between wildlife and humans who live alongside each other, as well as conflict between people about what should be done to resolve the issue. Wildlife threatening livelihoods and safety are common factors in this conflict.

In the past, lethal methods were commonly used to address HWC, but this is often ineffective and does not align with conservation objectives. There are many strategies that can be used to avoid conflict and promote peaceful co-existence. It is important that HWC management is approached with the understanding that conflicts are complex, and each ecological and social context is unique. As such, it’s most effective to involve local communities in the decision-making process. 

Barramundi Farm Bird Management Issues
Barramundi Farm Bird Management Issues

Ecosure has extensive experience managing human-wildlife conflict across Australia. We have developed management plans for a range of clients and species including flying-foxes, Australian white ibis, dingoes, seagulls, brush turkeys and macropods, to name a few. Our management plans balance a range of issues associated with human-wildlife conflict, and provide feasible, cost-effective, and ethical solutions to clients.

We also have extensive experience developing High-Risk Species Management Programs for clients undertaking works that may impact the breeding places of colonial breeding species, endangered, vulnerable, or near-threatened species, and/or special least concern species under the Nature Conservation (Animals) Regulation 2020. We have detailed knowledge of state and federal legislation and regulations surrounding human-wildlife conflict management. This, in addition to our breadth of ecological and behavioural knowledge, allows us to provide unrivalled services to our clients.

At Ecosure, we work towards human wildlife coexistence through a range of field and consulting services to ensure the health, wellbeing and safety of both wildlife and people.

Ecosure is continuing to lead the way in HWC management by applying our expertise to international projects to work towards human wildlife coexistence globally. Based on our depth of knowledge we are able to work with our clients to provide feasible, cost-effective, and ethical solutions to HWS issues.

Animals involved in HWC are often perceived as ‘pests’, but the reality is they can be ecologically critical or threatened species. It is vital that we produce workable solutions to the threats faced by our vulnerable wildlife, while considering the needs of the human communities needing to co-exist with them. On the other hand, human development and encroachment into the natural environment is causing conflict for other threatened species such as the koala, many frogs and small mammals. Ecosure’s aim is to help people find solutions to conflict and enable co-existence between us and our natural world.

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