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Effective delivery of a development or planning project requires extensive understanding of both ecology and legislation to deliver compliant, cost-effective, and environmentally conscious outcomes. Ecosure’s Ecology and Environmental Management services are designed to tackle complex, real-world problems and quickly and cost-effectively help clients achieve their project goals.

Ecosure has a team of flora and fauna ecologists, botanists and environmental managers and scientists with an in-depth knowledge of federal, state and local legislation and planning instruments. Our team have experience across terrestrial and aquatic ecology and all aspects of environmental management. Our Senior staff have experience leading large teams of ecologists and managers to deliver multidisciplinary projects. We also work with landholders to achieve the best outcome for their land, through land management and legislative compliance.

Our experience, breadth of knowledge, quality work and ability to provide specialist advice for projects of any size result in Ecosure being one of the highest regarded ecological consultancy providers in Australia. 

Clients providing essential infrastructure including renewable resources have entrusted their projects to Ecosure’s expertise in Ecology and
Environmental Management.  These clients include 
Roads and Maritime Services, Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland Alumina Energy, Optus and U&D Mining.  

Ecosure’s Ecology & Environment Management services include:

Ecosure’s ecologists pride themselves on developing site-specific and innovative solutions for resource, infrastructure and development projects in terrestrial, freshwater and marine environments. Our team are proficient at delivering ecological flora and fauna surveys, targeted threatened species surveys, baseline and BioCondition assessments. Ecosure’s consultants pride themselves on developing site-specific and innovative solutions that benefit both the client and the environment, through ecological assessment, planning and management.


Ecosure’s highly respected aquatic and marine ecologists have decades of industry experience and are regularly engaged by mining, infrastructure and government clients to design and undertake aquatic and marine ecosystem assessments, as well as surface and ground water monitoring.


Our team has extensive experience in environmental planning and assessment, particularly across Queensland and New South Wales. Our team have been involved in government and private industry projects including strategic environmental planning, urban development, land use planning and conservation planning, providing advice for governments, land managers, developers, investors and infrastructure projects.


Ecosure has working relationships with many engineering, surveying and planning companies and has extensive experience on a variety of large- and small-scale development assessments liaising with all level of government. Our team have a comprehensive understanding of legislative requirements and deliver development assessments to assist the approval process in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Being proactive towards ensuring a project is compliant with approvals, permits, legislation (local, state and federal), site specific and client requirements is of upmost importance for reducing risk and delivering a successful project. Ecosure’s scientific experts have extensive understanding of legislative requirements and work with planners and engineers to deliver site specific environmental monitoring and compliance.


Ecosure’s comprehensive Geographic Information System (GIS) capabilities play a vital part in almost all of our projects and ensures thorough and accurate information and reporting. GIS assists our environmental consultants to find the ultimate solutions for clients across a variety of industries; government, airport, defence, mining and resources, infrastructure and development, and energy sectors.


The NSW Biodiversity Offsets Scheme creates a transparent, consistent and scientific approach to biodiversity assessment and offsetting for development that is likely to have a significant impact on biodiversity. Ecosure can provide comprehensive advice through all stages of site assessment, management and can facilitate the purchase of Biodiversity Offset Credits for unavoidable impacts to ensure ‘no net loss’ of biodiversity.



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