Ecological Restoration

We have a large team of restoration ecologists and specialist practitioners that focus on the recovery of a wide range of ecosystems and large diversity of flora and fauna. We apply current best practice ecological restoration approaches and techniques, and are highly experienced in the restoration of small and large sites through weed control and assisted regeneration. We design, implement, and maintain small- and large-scale revegetation projects including planting for conservation, threatened species, and carbon and offset projects.

Ecosure work collaboratively with all levels of government, NGOs, community, Traditional Owners and a wide range of land and sea managers and stakeholders to develop practical restoration plans, implement ecological restoration works, and carry out monitoring, evaluation, and reporting on projects. Our team are regularly engaged to assess the health of threatened species, habitat and vegetation including carrying out BioCondition Assessments. We establish, measure, analyse a range of monitoring techniques and develop professional reports to communicate the results. Our on-ground restoration teams are always expanding their skills and the team now also prepares sites for planned burns to ensure sensitive vegetation and habitat is retained during the process. We are passionate about training and up-skilling our people and the community in the practice of ecological restoration. From the restoration of coastal systems including islands, mangrove, saltmarsh, dunes, and wetlands to all forest types in between including heath, sclerophyll, rainforest, riparian systems and more, Ecosure has the experience and expertise to assist with your restoration needs.

Ecosure’s Ecological Restoration services include:

We apply current best practice ecological restoration techniques and are highly experienced in the control of weeds on a small or large scale to facilitate the recovery of natural systems where recovery potential exists.


Whether it is a small or large-scale revegetation or habitat reconstruction project, Ecosure’s experts continue to achieve extraordinary results for a variety of clients, across geographical areas, when working to reinstate the pre-existing ecosystem types or connect a fragmented landscape.


As leaders in ecological restoration planning, Ecosure deliver easy to understand restoration plans that guide the ecological restoration process and provide practical information on all stages of the restoration process whether applying assisted regeneration, weed control, revegetation or a combination of approaches.


Ecosure’s ability to successfully assess any site and know where and how to intervene, sets us apart in the industry. We also have extensive experience in assessing the health and age of native vegetation and Regional Ecosystems as part of the Queensland Herbarium’s BioCondition Assessments. Other assessments and surveys include Condition Assessments, threatened species assessments and planning for recovery programs, weed mapping and assessments, and the design, establishment, measurement, analysis, monitoring and development of reports to communicate a wide range of findings.


We design, implement, maintain and monitor small and large-scale restoration and offsetting projects whether they are part of a larger offset project (e.g. carbon offset) that integrate conservation outcomes; a particular threatened species or ecological community (e.g. black-breasted button-quail, Lowland Subtropical Rainforest etc.); for Nationally Endangered Species listed under Federal legislation; or for small and larger scale revegetation projects including assisted regeneration and revegetation works as part of environmental offsets.


We understand that threatened species management is key in the delivery of a successful project. Our senior and principal ecologists, restoration ecologists and wildlife biologists have extensive botanical and zoological knowledge, and lead all aspects of threatened species assessment, management, recovery and protection whilst meeting legislative requirements.


Our experienced team will apply a range of proven and sensitive weed control techniques to control weeds that are listed under the Biosecurity Act 2014 or pose a particular threat to a site or area, assist the health and expansion of existing native vegetation or simply manage competition on a restoration site or properly.


Our on-ground restoration teams have expanded their skills to include the preparation of sites for planned burns to ensure sensitive vegetation and habitat is retained during the process.


We are passionate about training and up-skilling our people and the community in the practice of ecological restoration.


Assisted regeneration


Revegetation & Reconstruction


Restoration planning


Vegetation assessments & surveys


Offset management

Weed Management


Fire preparation & management



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