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Drone flying

Ecosure Harnessing Drone Technology for Environmental Assessments

In today’s technology-driven world, drones have emerged as powerful tools across various industries. At Ecosure, they are embracing the potential of drones to revolutionise surveying operations. By utilising different modes of drone operation and providing training to the team, Ecosure is confident in elevating surveying capabilities to new heights and increasing efficiency, accuracy, and overall effectiveness.

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Federation Walk Coastal Reserve
Ecological Restoration

Delivering Ambitious Beachfront Federation Walk Littoral Rainforest Restoration Project with City of Gold Coast

Ecosure has been contracted by the City as the principal contractor to undertake these works. This collaboration between the State Government and the City of Gold Coast aims to drive an ambitious and transformative environmental initiative. Ecosure is proud to lead this effort alongside delivery partners Regen Australia and Ngarang-wal Gold Coast Aboriginal Association. Federation Walk Coastal Reserve represents one of Australia’s largest beachfront rainforest restoration projects with the aim to establish a thriving coastal (littoral) rainforest in the heart of the Gold Coast. Funded by the Queensland Government in partnership with the City of Gold Coast and the Federal Government, this project promises significant ecological, social, and recreational benefits for the region.

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