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Melaleuca irbyana Recovery Project

Teams from the Gold Coast, Brisbane and west of Brisbane Ecological Restoration team have been contributing to the recovery of the Melaleuca irbyana or weeping paperbark, which is listed as Endangered under Queensland’s, Nature Conservation Act 1992.

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Koinmerburra Ridge to Reef Restoration Project

The Ridge to Reef Alliance connects First Nations Peoples with scientists to deliver whole-of-ecosystem restoration projects from the ridge line to the reef. The Alliance, led by Diane Lanyon (Ecosure General Manager), has partnered with Koinmerburra Aboriginal Corporation for the Koinmerburra Ridge to Reef Restoration Project.

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Monitoring threatened species long-term

Ecosure has been monitoring threatened species at a site in Northern New South Wales for 10 years. This long-term commitment helps ensure the conservation of threatened species populations. Target fauna groups are surveyed biennially, this year one of the focal groups was threatened bats.

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Wasps: Small, but a significant hazard to aircraft!

Birds and other vertebrates are obvious hazards to aviation at airports. Yet, the threat of invertebrates, like keyhole wasps, is less understood. Brisbane Airport Corporation engaged Ecosure following the discovery of an exotic mud wasp nesting in the pitot tube of an aircraft.

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