Thriving global ecosystems

Acknowledgement of Country

Ecosure acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the lands and waters where we work. We pay deep respect to Elders past and present who hold the Songlines and Dreaming of this Country. We honour and support the continuation of educational, cultural and spiritual customs of First Nations peoples.

RAP artwork 1920

Ecosure Reconciliation Action Plan Artwork completed by Raymond Garrett, a Darumbal and Wulli Wulli Traditional Owner, 2021

Ecosure takes a genuine, personal approach to every project and explores alternative and flexible solutions to ensure project outcomes are achieved, while still preserving the world’s natural brilliance.

Our Vision

Thriving global ecosystems

Our Mission

We improve ecosystems for a thriving planet

Industry Sectors

Quality is not an act, it’s a habit created every day by our people

Big hairy Audacious Goal

To improve the ecosystems of 100 million hectares

and 1000 islands worldwide by 2030

Million Hectares

News & Projects

Drone flying

Ecosure Harnessing Drone Technology for Environmental Assessments

In today’s technology-driven world, drones have emerged as powerful tools across various industries. At Ecosure, they are embracing the potential of drones to revolutionise surveying operations. By utilising different modes of drone operation and providing training to the team, Ecosure is confident in elevating surveying capabilities to new heights and increasing efficiency, accuracy, and overall effectiveness.

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