Pest animal management and biosecurity plans

Our ability to successfully manage pest populations is supported by our comprehensive understanding of pest animal behaviour and ecology.

We have successfully completed a range of pest management projects for local and state government, Department of Defence, water authorities, the renewables sector, and private landholders using a vast range of techniques to humanely manage species such as wild dogs, feral cats, foxes, rabbits, hares, pigs, deer, pest birds and cane toads.

Feral cat

Pest animals cause significant environmental and agricultural impacts by predating on wildlife and stock, damaging native vegetation and crops, impacting waterways, competing with native wildlife and stock, and are carriers of disease. This damage is estimated to cost in the hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

We have a team of specialists with an excellent working knowledge of pest management and biosecurity planning.

Our biosecurity and pest animal management planning services include:

  • biosecurity plan development and reviews
  • design and implementation of pest animal management programs
  • reporting and GIS mapping
  • training for staff and landholders.

Ecosure’s pest management team have a focus on safety instilled through ongoing training and risk mitigation. All personnel are qualified, and verified with competency assessments, to understand the risks and constraints associated with all pest management programs for the use of firearms and working at night.

Our on-ground pest animal management services include:

  • surveys and activity monitoring (e.g. camera trapping)
  • baiting and trapping programs 
  • shooting in rural, peri-urban and urban settings 
  • warren and den fumigation.

With over 25 years’ experience in the field of pest animal management, our experience has also enabled us to develop a suite of pest animal training workshops such as:

  • best practice pest management program development and delivery
  • ethical trapping tools and techniques
  • modern monitoring and reporting techniques such as remote camera trapping and drone surveys.

Get in touch with us to ask about on-ground training options and your next Pest Management Program.


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