Fauna spotter catchers and construction fauna management

At Ecosure, we understand that construction underpins our modern environments, providing the infrastructure and buildings we all utilise. However, we also recognise the threat that habitat clearing poses to the animals inhabiting the vegetation to be cleared. Ecosure has a proven record of excellence in pre-clear surveys, fauna spotter catcher services and nest box installation to ensure the safety of wildlife before, during and after these events.

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Ecosure’s Fauna Spotter Catchers are trained snake handlers, have extensive wildlife understanding and are also skilled working alongside heavy machinery on construction sites and have appropriate qualifications to attend mine sites including coal board medical and Mining Induction – Standard 11. Ecosure tailors its services to assist with a wide range of projects, regardless of size, being carried out by developers, government or mining and energy companies.

Ecosure’s Fauna Spotter Catchers are qualified and licensed to capture, release or employ emergency euthanasia to wildlife impacted by human activity in accordance with relevant permits. They also have extensive experience in identifying significant habitat and habitat features throughout a clearing zone before work commences. To ensure clearing takes place in the safest way possible, Ecosure’s Fauna Spotter Catchers adhere to strict communication protocols when working with machinery operators.

Ecosure’s Construction Fauna Management services include:

  • Preparing Species Management Programs.
  • Pre-clearance fauna density reduction trapping programs.
  • Technical advice including clearing plans and selection of suitable relocation/offset sites.
  • Nest box installation and monitoring.
  • Aquatic and terrestrial fauna spotter catching/fauna rescue.
  • Tailored training courses to build our client’s capacity for fauna spotter catcher activities.
  • Reporting, including compulsory government reporting.
  • Networks of wildlife veterinarians and carers.
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