Revegetation & Reconstruction

Ecosure applies a variety of restoration approaches with demonstratable restoration outcomes that improve the structure, function, and diversity of native vegetation. Our on-ground teams have extensive experience in the reconstruction of natural systems including designing, installing, and maintaining large scale projects. 

Ecological restoration 200A2555

Works frequently include site preparation such as fencing, weed control and ripping, species selection including seed collection, propagation and site placement, plant installation and site maintenance. All site conditions are analysed and the design of the project takes into account the goals, current conditions on site (e.g. soil, frost, likely predation, stock, connectivity to other native vegetation etc.); what native and exotic vegetation occur on site; the habitat requirements of local and migratory fauna and the likelihood of recovery. Ecosure employs effective soil management techniques and successful revegetation and reconstruction applications can also assist with erosion control on a site.

Ecosure has successfully delivered numerous revegetation projects including revegetation that supports the recovery of native vegetation, linkages, endangered ecological communities, species of National Environmental Significance, threatened flora or habitat for particular fauna species (e.g. koala, black-breasted button-quail, rare and endangered frog species etc.) and on sites or areas that are considered to be extremely challenging i.e. where water and fertile soil are scarce. 

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