Flying-fox monitoring & management

Our in-depth understanding of flying-foxes and our tailored approach to mitigating impacts to the community is highly regarded with 30 government clients in Queensland and New South Wales and numerous private and airport clients around Australia. Ecosure’s expertise has been called upon to contribute to state and federal flying-fox policy.

Grey Headed Flying-fox
Grey Headed Flying-fox

We strongly support education to reduce fears and correct community misconceptions. Ecosure has worked with councils to develop a range of educational materials to improve understanding of flying-fox ecology, including facts and statistics on the actual health risks. Our aim is to reduce the conflict between humans and flying-fox to enable co-existence in our shared environments.

Ecosure undertakes site-specific risk assessments for every project to manage community impacts in accordance with the Code of Practice – Ecologically sustainable management of flying-fox roosts. Our tailored plans create a framework for managing health, economic and amenity issues associated with flying-fox roosts.

Ecosure’s Flying-fox management services include:

  • Development of flying-fox management plans
  • Obtaining flying-fox roost management permits for areas outside of Urban Flying-Fox Management Areas
  • Development of Statement of Management Intent under the Flying-Fox Roost Management Guideline
  • Longitudinal monitoring using CSIRO methods
  • Potential habitat modelling (roost and foraging)
  • Ensuring flying-fox dispersal meet the legislative requirements under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, Nature Conservation Act 1992, Animal Care and Protection Act 2001
  • Training and capacity building for local governments and stakeholders to better manage flying-fox conflict in their region
  • Habitat modification and restoration.
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