Dune Restoration at Cowan Cowan, Moreton Island

Dune Restoration at Moreton Island

Cowan Cowan Dune Restoration on Moreton Island

At Ecosure, we’re passionate about preserving and restoring natural landscapes, and one of our latest project on Moreton Island is a great example. Recently, members of our dedicated Ecological Restoration team, Richard and Sebastian, along with skilled planters Katerina, Adam, and Andre from Coastal Planting, embarked on an exciting mission to plant 14,000 native plants at Cowan Cowan. This effort was undertaken for Brisbane City Council (BCC) to stabilize the dune system and mitigate coastal erosion.

Over the past 50 years, Cowan Cowan’s dune system has experienced significant erosion, with approximately 50 meters of land lost to the sea. To help combat this, BCC has implemented a strategy to rehabilitate the affected area, including the construction and restoration of a new sand dune in front of the township.

Dune restoration involves planting native grasses and vines to protect and rebuild sand dunes, which are crucial for preventing erosion and supporting local ecosystems. The strong root systems of these plants stabilize the sand, preventing it from being blown away by the wind or washed away by the waves. They also create a natural barrier that absorbs the impact of waves and wind, reducing erosion and protecting inland areas. Native plants support wildlife by providing habitat and food, and they enhance biodiversity, making the dune system more resilient to changes and disturbances. By carefully selecting and planting these species, we can restore and protect dune ecosystems, ensuring they remain a vital part of our coastal landscapes.

With a clear plan, the team set out to Cowan Cowan, bringing along a variety of dune-stabilising groundcover species sourced from the mainland. Once on the island, the nursery setup ensured all plants were prepped and ready for their new home. With a perfect day and the beautiful backdrop of the bay, it was prime time to hit the beach and get planting!

Thanks to Richard for these progress pictures, showcasing the dedication and teamwork that went into this vital restoration project. These efforts help preserve the natural beauty of Moreton Island, ensuring a thriving ecosystem for years to come.

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