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Ecosure works with Queensland’s largest conservation program

Ecosure works with Queensland’s largest conservation program

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By Di Lanyon

This is a very exciting 2 year project where Ecosure, in partnership with the Department of Environment and Science’s Private Protected Area Program, is providing a range of services to nature refuge landholders. 

Nature refuge landholders protect more than 4.47 million hectares of conservation-significant land across the state. It is Queensland’s largest conservation covenanting program and the largest in Australia by land area.

The program encourages landholders to partner with the Queensland Government to protect the significant cultural and natural resources of their land through the declaration and management of a nature refuge. 

Before a nature refuge is declared, a conservation agreement is negotiated between the landholder and the Queensland Government. This agreement commits each party to protecting the significant cultural and natural resources of the land, while allowing compatible and sustainable land uses to continue.

Ecosure is providing a range of services to existing nature refuge landholders in partnership with six NRM regions including Cape York, Terrain, Desert Channels, Healthy Land and Water, Fitzroy Basin Association and NQ Dry Tropics. These services will be available at no cost to the nature refuge landholder and include: 

  • access to a web-based portal where landholders will gain access to a range of resources including a forum, knowledge bank, upcoming opportunities of relevance, webinars and tips to use Citizen Science programs in order to improve monitoring and evaluation capability; 
  • access to a range of workshops to learn new skills and improve conservation management capacity; and
  • a number of nature refuge landholders will gain access to a subject matter expert who will visit their nature refuge and provide one-on-one information and support for the improved conservation management of the nature refuge, including a tailored property management plan to guide the ongoing conservation of the nature refuge.

The aim of the project is to ensure nature refuge landholders have enhanced conservation outcomes for their properties, improved engagement in the Private Protected Area Program and learn new skills about land management.

For more information please look up: www.mynaturerefuge.org

Questions about your Conservation Agreement:
Email: naturerefuge@des.qld.gov.au

Questions about up-and-coming workshops, site visits or access to
the portal: info@mynaturerefuge.org or call 07 4994 1000

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