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IMCG meeting reflects on 25 years of achievement

The Ibis Management Coordination Group (IMCG) celebrated 25 years of operation on Wednesday 24th February 2021. Attendees were from local Councils, airports, Department of Environment and Science (DES), NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS), universities, wildlife sanctuaries, consultants, and past contributors to the IMCG.

Phil Shaw (Managing Director, Ecosure) reflected on the formation of the IMCG, some of our many success stories and then our other presenters looked forward to why the IMCG is still relevant and important for future ibis management. Jon Epstein from Ecohealth Alliance presented on Wildlife provisioning: how we enable zoonotic pathogens to emerge. Andrew Macqueen from Aviation Safety Management Pty Ltd spoke to the group about the importance of the IMCG as the start of serious wildlife management at airports in Australia. Jeff McKee (Director – Research & Development, Ecosure) highlighted how the co-roosting of ibis and flying-fox have the potential for interspecies pathogen transfer. Jenny Davis from Redland City Council outlined the success story of Black Swamp Wetland and did a wonderful job hosting the meeting and providing us all with a delicious lunch from IndigiScapes Cafe.

As the facilitators of the IMCG, Ecosure’s role is to organise the meetings, oversee the collection of data from all ibis management sites and provide reports to stakeholders. The momentum still driving the IMCG and its instrumental work is due to the group’s fantastic stakeholders. It was great to eat cake and celebrate our achievements together.  

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