Fish Release into Sleeman Sports Complex Bottom Lake

Bringing Natures Biodiversity Back: Sleeman Sports Complex's Bottom Lake Unveiling

We’re excited to share the success story behind the grand opening of the Bottom Lake at Sleeman Sports Complex, a collaborative effort that began in 2019. This project is more than just a picturesque addition; it’s a thoughtful approach to environmental restoration, made possible through a strategic partnership and a focus on lasting results.

The dynamic collaboration between Sleeman Sports Complex and Ecosure has been all about getting things done. With the aim of reviving the stormwater system using the Water By Design strategy, the partnership has delivered results through meticulous surveys of Aquatic flora and fauna, rigorous water quality testing, and a well-executed wildlife salvage operation where over 100 Brisbane River Turtles, along with exotic and native fish, orange-fingered yabbies, and longfin eels were removed from the draining lake.

The Lower Lake’s grand opening isn’t just a one-time spectacle. It’s a commitment to lasting change. The substantial removal of over 4000 cubic meters of sediment and 340 cubic meters of vegetation reflects a pragmatic, forward-thinking approach. Adding 1.6 tonnes of large rocks for the safety bench isn’t just about functionality; it symbolises a steadfast commitment to the Lower Lake’s long-term resilience.

At the heart of the Lower Lake project is a deliberate focus on biodiversity. With the water catchment capacity of over 14 million litres, this aquatic landscape has been carefully designed to be a welcoming home for a diverse range of species. The introduction of native, localised yabbies and fish—Crimson-spotted Rainbowfish (Melanotaenia duboulayi), and Southern purple spotted gudgeon (Mogurnda adspersa)—is a testament to a purposeful effort to restore and enhance the natural equilibrium.

The Lower Lake, beyond its impressive numbers, is a tangible representation of a well-thought-out plan that prioritises the preservation of Sleeman Sports Complex’s natural charm.
The grand opening event attended by Stadiums Queensland CEO Todd Harris, added a personal touch by releasing the first native fish into the Lower Lake. It’s a symbolic gesture that underscores our collective dedication to the region’s flourishing biodiversity.

As Sleeman Sports Complex embraces a new chapter, we reflect on the significance of this project. It’s more than a lake; it’s a testament to achievable results through collaborative partnerships, a focus on sustainable outcomes, and an unwavering commitment to the biodiversity of our natural landscapes. Together, we’ve created a project that not only meets professional standards but also ensures a lasting legacy for generations.

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