2023 International conference on human-wildlife conflict and coexistence in Oxford UK

2023 International conference on human-wildlife conflict and coexistence in Oxford UK

Human–wildlife conflict and coexistence is a term used to describe the complex interaction between humans and wildlife, which often results in conflicts that can lead to negative impacts. These conflicts occur when humans and wildlife interact, compete for resources, or come into contact with one another’s habitats or diets.  Human–wildlife conflict can take many different forms, from the intentional killing of wildlife to accidental injury or damage caused by human activities. Coexistence strategies seek to reduce negative impacts on both humans and wildlife by implementing natural resource management strategies, policy changes, public awareness campaigns, and education initiatives. By focusing on coexistence solutions, we can actively work towards a future where humans and wildlife can peacefully coexist. By working together and utilizing sound management strategies, we can ensure that our actions are not detrimental to either species and that both humans and wildlife can benefit from a healthy, balanced relationship.

Our commitment to finding ethical and feasible solutions for human-wildlife conflict has made us a leader in this field. We strive to be the go-to source for effective human-wildlife conflict management and coexistence strategies. We look forward to furthering our knowledge at the upcoming International Human-Wildlife Conflict and Coexistences Conference in Oxford UK this month, and sharing our experience. Wildlife Biologist Jane Horgan is attending the conference representing both Ecosure and Cheetah Conservation Botswana, and speaking about how the Cheetah Conservation Botswana helps farming communities coexist with wildlife, the tailored solutions which been have developed for different areas, including the use of local dogs as livestock guardians.

We use comprehensive research methods and technical expertise to identify the drivers of human-wildlife conflict, assess their impacts, and design creative solutions. Our staff remain up-to-date on the latest human-wildlife coexistence technologies and practices through our participation in professional conferences, projects and workshops.

Providing practical advice that works with local cultures, customs and legislation ensure long-term solutions. Our team can provide a wide range of services, from population and land use studies to designing sustainable development strategies.

Human-wildlife conflict is best managed through comprehensive and collaborative approaches. We work closely with affected communities, government departments and other stakeholders to develop solutions that meet the needs of all along with our wildlife.

Finding creative ways to foster human-wildlife coexistence is critical to protecting biodiversity and conserving threatened species. At Ecosure, we pride ourselves in science-based and best practice approaches to managing the human-wildlife interface. Knowledge sharing at forums like the International Human-Wildlife Conflict and Coexistence Conference allows us to continue making a positive impact for wildlife and communities around Australia and internationally.

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