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Ecosure office now open in Sydney!

Cam Radford joins the Ecosure Team as a Senior Ecologist and the new Sydney Regional Manager, and is excited to help grow Ecosure in the Sydney Region.

Cam brings a diverse skillset having worked in ecological consultancy, wildlife NGOs, academic research, environmental education and fundraising. He specialises in human-wildlife conflict resolution, wildlife research and analysis, wildlife tracking and monitoring, and biodiversity surveys, assessment and management. He has worked both remotely and in urban environments throughout Australia and internationally, having recently returned from PhD research work in Botswana developing solutions for predator-livestock conflict.

An accomplishment that Cam is really proud of is; in collaboration with Sydney University, he helped reintroduce Bush Rats to North Head, Sydney. They also regenerated Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub through fire and decreased road mortalities, for a threatened population of long-nosed bandicoots.

For more information please contact 07 4994 1000, or email us at Alternatively, contact Cam directly on +61 (0)430 054 080.

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