Innovate Rap Endorsed

Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan Endorsed

During 2023 National Reconciliation Week Ecosure teams came together for a morning tea with a bush tucker flavour to celebrate the launch of our Innovate RAP, proudly endorsed by Reconciliation Queensland.

An Innovate RAP focuses on developing and strengthening relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, engaging staff and stakeholders in reconciliation, and developing and piloting innovative strategies to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
Our vision for reconciliation is for all Australians to unify, embrace, understand and respect the diversity of cultures in this land of many Countries.

Through reconciliation action, we celebrate and recognise the diverse histories and cultures, embrace equity and understanding and ensure opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are found in our business.

We believe in working together to ensure Caring for Country is at the forefront of what we do. Ecosure have undertaken significant work on-Country over the past 29+ years. In this work we realise the engagement and voices of First Nations peoples has been minimal and we can do better. Ecosure are committed to ensuring First Nations peoples have a healthy, thriving voice in our business. We want to ensure cultural and spiritual connection to Country comes through in everything we do. Ecosure aim to be a voice when a voice can’t be heard.

We aim to push the boundaries to ensure First Nations peoples work on their Country when we work there. We aim to build capacity and create opportunities. We aim to partner with First Nations peoples across this land and to walk this journey together as we learn to Care for Country through the lens of First Nations peoples.

We want to ensure understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures is embedded in our business and it is a culturally safe place to work.

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