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Ecosure's Commitment to Developing Strategic Partnerships

Ecosure has recently formed a Strategic Partnerships team headed by Diane Lanyon (Director of Strategic Partnerships). In 2018, Ecosure set a Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) of improving the ecosystems of 100 million hectares and 1,000 islands worldwide by 2030. Ecosure recognises this is an ambitious goal that will be achievable through building partnerships with businesses, social enterprises, First Nations Peoples, universities and not-for-profits. The aim of the Strategic Partnership team is to focus on fostering partnerships and identifying collaborative opportunities to work on long-term strategic projects that improve ecosystems on a large scale to align with our long-term strategy.   

Strategic projects the team will focus on aims to take a holistic restoration approach at a landscape scale as well as looking at broader conservation projects focusing on habitat restoration, re-wilding and the health of threatened species populations. The pilot project, Koinmerburra Ridge to Reef Restoration project trialled at Clairview and Wild Duck Island on Koinmerburra Country. This was aimed at understanding the baseline health of Land and Sea Country and the presence of Cultural Heritage artefacts while identifying training to build capacity of the Koinjmal People to heal Country and heal People. We aim to be a leader in the environmental conservation industry by further developing the skills and expertise of our industry through training, and focusing on our three areas of excellence; Ecological Restoration, Wildlife Services and Ecology and Environmental Management. 

To further support the team, we have appointed Russell Warner to the role of General Manager of Strategic Partnerships. Russ comes to us with a wealth of experience in the environment sector and a strong understanding and knowledge of technology, processes and systems, as well as a clear goal of building strategic partnerships. The Strategic Partnerships also consists of a marketing group led by Lacey Milzewski and supported by Kirsten Gardner, Erin Marsh as Project Coordinator, and James Tallant as Bid Coordinator to support the development of strategic proposals aimed at achieving our BHAG. This powerhouse team will bring in new and exciting opportunities and allow us to continue working towards our vision, mission and values as a business. 

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