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Ridge to Reef Restoration working group formed

This collaborative effort is a fantastic outcome from the Orpheus Island Leadership and Reef Restoration workshop. In Australia restoration is done in separate ecosystems and with very little integration at a landscape level. The Ridge to Reef restoration work group aims to demonstrate at a local, small-scale catchment area how integrated restoration through multiple ecosystems from ridge-line, mangrove, seagrass and coral will improve social, ecological outcomes through positive partnerships, between Traditional Owners, community, industry, research and natural resource managers.

This fully integrated Ridge to Reef restoration project envisions a Traditional Owner-led Ridge to Reef Restoration pilot site.

So far the partners working together on this project are:

EcosureWhitsunday Regional Council
Reef EcologicManbarra People (Palm Island/Townsville)
C2O ConsultingWoppaburra People (Keppel Islands)
Blue Planet MarineReef Restoration Foundation
CHARMInterested individuals
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We are looking at a couple of Pilot sites in Manbarra and Woppaburra country. However, Elders need to be consulted to finalise a site and to ensure there is buy-in from the Traditional Owners and the wider community. If you are interested in other Ridge to Reef projects that are happening internationally, please see here: https://www.iucn.org/theme/water/our-work/current-projects/ridge-reef

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