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A ‘must see’ exhibition to inspire and educate the globe about reef conservation

A ‘must see’ exhibition to inspire and educate the globe about reef conservation

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Jessie Courtney with Dr. Katharina Fabricius

By Jessie Courtney

“On Friday 11th of March, I attended the exclusive launch of the Museum of Underwater Art’s ‘Ocean Sentinels’ Above the Surface exhibit, at the Museum of Tropical Queensland in Townsville. It was a wonderful night of celebrating science, culture, knowledge, and art with like-minded people who care about marine conservation. The Ocean Sentinels are a series of eight sculptures, modelled off world-leading marine scientists and conservationists. 

Internationally renowned artist Jason De Caires Taylor produced these sculptures with the aim to create an educational and informative introduction to the Great Barrier Reef. I had the honour of meeting four of the eight muses that were the inspirations behind the Ocean Sentinels. These wonderful people were Professor Peter Harrison, Dr. Richard Braley, Dr. Katherina Fabracius and young Wulgurukaba and Yunbenen woman Jayme Marshall. All who are experts in their line of profession and future leaders of tomorrow. Listening to their stories and hearing of their accomplishments has been very inspiring. In my opinion, the people that were chosen as muses to represent marine conservation in a statue form are perfect.

Whilst these sculptures are on display at the Museum of Tropical Queensland for a limited amount of time, they will shortly find their way to the seabed of the Great Barrier Reef. It is hoped that in years to come these sculptures will be the foundation of new coral reefs, soon to be covered by a vast variety of different marine life. 

Although these statues look beautiful above the surface, I cannot wait to see what magic will grow from them when they are placed underwater.”

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Dr Richard Braley Statue scaled
Dr. Richard Braley Statue
Jayme Marshall Statue scaled
Jayme Marshall Statue
Prof. Charlie Veron Statue scaled
Prof. Charlie Veron Statue
Prof. Peter Harrison Statue scaled
Prof. Peter Harrison Statue
Prof. Peter Harrison scaled
Jessie Courtney with Prof. Peter Harrison
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