Airport Pest Management

Airport Pest Animal Management

Since 2005, Ecosure’s team of environmental consultants and ecologists have been working with our long-term airport client to manage fox and hare populations on the airport to preserve biodiversity and mitigate aircraft strike risk. Triggered by an increase in sightings, Ecosure has also managed rabbits on site since 2011.

We monitor pest activity through regular spotlighting surveys and active searches for pest activity, including fence breaches. This allows targeted management and enables the success of the program to be evaluated.

We have used a combination of warren and den fumigation, trapping, baiting and spotlight shooting to effectively manage pest animals on the airport.

To assist in a coordinated approach and approve the efficacy of the program we have engaged with the Darling Downs-Moreton Rabbit Board, Livestock Health and Pest Authority and surrounding landholders. Consultation led to the Department of Transport and Main Roads managing rabbits on their adjacent block, which was thought to be a source for rabbits on airport land.

This program has been effective in considerably reducing the number and distribution of all vertebrate pests across the airfield.

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