Drone flying

Ecosure Harnessing Drone Technology for Environmental Assessments

In today’s technology-driven world, drones have emerged as powerful tools across various industries. At Ecosure, they are embracing the potential of drones to revolutionise surveying operations. By utilising different modes of drone operation and providing training to the team, Ecosure is confident in elevating surveying capabilities to new heights and increasing efficiency, accuracy, and overall effectiveness.

Ecological Restoration Team Leader with Cat's Claw Creeper bulb root system

Cat’s Claw Creeper… Australia’s worst weed?

Cat’s claw creeper (Dolichandra ungui-cati) is a long lived woody vine which is native to the Caribbean, Central and South America. It was declared a Weed of National Significance in Australia in 2012 due to its invasiveness and potential impacts. Anyone that has tried to control cat’s claw creeper or have witnessed the impacts to native vegetation and sadly, to entire creek or river systems, knows just how bad this weed is. In fact driving through the country or even through the heart of Brisbane, during October to December when the bright yellow fellows are on show, you realise how widespread this destructive weed is.

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