Coal Seam Gas Pipeline Surveys

Coal Seam Gas Pipeline Surveys

Our clients are developing gas fields and constructing a number of long distance high pressure gas pipelines, to take gas from the Surat and Bowen basins in Central Queensland to processing plants on Curtis Island off Gladstone. A significant number of environmental approvals are required to satisfy Commonwealth and State regulators. Ecosure provide flora, fauna and aquatic survey teams to assess the gas fields, gathering lines and main pipeline routes and report on the occurrence of protected vegetation and species, and advise on the optimal re-design of gas well layouts and re-routing of the pipeline to minimise environmental harm. We use the full range of fauna survey methods, including pitfall trapping, bat call analysis, direct observation, Elliot trapping and harp trapping. Our botanists and ecologists are also experienced in threatened plant identification and native vegetation ecology.

These surveys result in route revisions and infrastructure designs that avoid ecologically sensitive locations and protect threatened species, thereby minimising environmental harm. By doing so our clients are granted the approvals they require.

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