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Ecosure is now ISCA Accredited

Ecosure is excited to announce our Senior Project Manager Paul Wileman, has obtained accreditation as an Infrastructure Sustainability Accredited Professional (ISAP) through the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA).

Being an Infrastructure Sustainability Accredited Professional Paul is now able to assist project teams with Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) ratings in accordance with the ISCA rating scheme. The rating scheme is an inclusive rating system which evaluates the sustainability of infrastructure programs, projects, networks and assets across the planning, design, construction and operation stages.

The ISCA is a member-based, not-for-profit peak body operating in Australia and New Zealand with the purpose of enabling sustainability outcomes in infrastructure. All publicly funded projects relating to transport, water, energy and communication with a total value in excess of $100m are required to obtain an Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) rating, which ranges from commended, excellent and leading.

By achieving an ISAP status, Paul has been recognised as an experienced IS rating scheme professional. As per the ISCA website Paul can now:

  • Explain the key concepts and costs and benefits of the IS rating scheme
  • Prepare an IS rating scheme strategy and implementation plan
  • Identify key components of the IS rating process to complete a self-assessment for a registered rating.
  • Define a base case and complete a base case proposal ready for verification
  • Find key information in the IS Technical Manual
  • Interpret IS categories and credits and describe appropriate evidence for the pursuit of a certified IS rating

If you would like to discuss how Ecosure can assist you or your company with gaining an IS rating for your current or future projects please contact Consultant Paul Wileman – by phone 07 4994 1000 email or on our contact us page.

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