Koala Conservation

Koalas are declining rapidly across Australia and Ecosure is at the forefront of conservation helping to identify and protect the country’s most iconic native wildlife species.

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Ecosure has been involved in one of the most detailed koala pre-construction surveys ever conducted in Australia. In late 2013, our expertise was engaged by Roads and Maritime Services to conduct a range of pre-construction koala population surveys in relation to the proposed Woolgoolga to Ballina Pacific Highway upgrade.

In August 2014, the Federal Environment Minister imposed conditions on Section 10 of the proposed upgrade to the west of Wardell in north-eastern New South Wales. Included was the need to better consider the potential impact of the proposed upgrade on the local koala population.

Using specialised techniques over a six month period, more than 50 koalas were safely captured, screened and released back into the trees. Key aspects of this project include constructing demographic and genetic profiles of the population, analysing historical mortality data and refining koala density/population estimates.

Additional information about this project can be viewed on the New South Wales Roads and Maritime Services website

Ecosure’s experience in koala ecology and survey techniques is extensive, with several of our senior ecologists specialising in this vital area of conservation.

Ecosure’s koala related services

  • Demographic profiling, including safe koala capture and processing
  • Detailed population surveys, including density/population estimates (using direct-count methods), activity mapping and presence/absence (using Spot Assessment Technique)
  • Detailed habitat and koala food tree assessments
  • Regional and local koala habitat mapping
  • Management mitigation analysis and recommendations for linear infrastructure and land development
  • Koala habitat offset assessments and requirements
  • Preparation of koala management plans

For more information please email us at admin@ecosure.com.au.

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