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Protect your Assets – Update your PMAV

The best way to ensure that regrowth vegetation on your property remains white, is to have a PMAV locking in the white areas on your property.

Many old PMAVs, do not protect all the white areas on your property, this is because a PMAV only locks in the white area at the date the PMAV was submitted. So often not all white areas on your property are protected by a PMAV. This was particularly an issue for PAMVs issues between 2009 and 2012 when high value regrowth controls were in place.

It is also important to look at any areas you want to change to white on current vegetation mapping prior to any potential law changes, as some regrowth vegetation could be classed as high value regrowth if these laws are reinstated.

To prepare for any potential vegetation clearing law changes, it is important to ensure that:

  1. You have a PMAV over your property
  2. That if you have a PMAV (particularly if issued prior to 2012), it protects all of the white vegetation on your property
  3. That you look at any areas that you need to change to white/Category X

Ecosure can check your property to see if all the white areas on your property are covered by a PMAV, and look at updating and changing areas to Category X.

For more information, read our Property Scale PMAVs Capability Statement or give us a call 07 4994 1000.


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