Australian White Ibis

Australian White Ibis Management Program

Ecosure has been managing ibis populations for over 20 years. We have developed an ethical and sustainable management program based on reducing resource availability and restricting breeding success. Our environmental consultants have arrested population growth in what is now one of the most successful and long-running programs of its type in the world. Ecosure currently manages and monitors ibis populations for nine local government areas in NSW and QLD. These councils recognise Ecosure’s unrivalled ability to meet client needs while maintaining a strategic, science-based approach to ibis management

Since 1996, Ecosure has provided the Ibis Management Coordination Group (IMCG) with ongoing theoretical and technical support to respond to unnaturally abundant ibis in South-East QLD. Our ecologists have collated and maintained datasets from disparate stakeholders across the region to ensure that ibis are managed at a landscape scale. As part of this process, Ecosure has developed innovative ways to present the region’s datasets that allows analysis of spatial distribution and population change. Our aim for the IMCG is to create a platform for proactive management at the stakeholder and regional level.

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