Pest Animal Management

Ecosure’s environmental scientists were engaged to monitor and manage pest animal species at Canungra Field Training Area, a 6000 hectare training reserve owned by Department of Defence. Using sand plots and the Allen Index, along with PIR cameras and searches for animal sign, the abundance of each pest species on site was estimated. Pest species recorded on site included the European red fox (Vulpes vulpes), feral cat (Felis cattus), wild dog (Canis lupis familiaris), and brown hare (Lepus capensis), for which management was triggered for all species other than hare.

An integrated approach to management was implemented, including a 1080 baiting program, soft-jaw trapping and cage trapping. Management was highly successful, with a significant reduction in pest animal activity identified during post-management monitoring.

Wild dog scats and tissue samples were also collected for analysis to determine the level of dingo purity in the population. These results will continue to inform decisions to appropriately design and implement subsequent management strategies.

Ecosure was also engaged to develop an updated five year pest animal management strategy for the site to identify statutory requirements, species information, methods for monitoring and control and recommendations for future programs.

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