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Calliope River Restoration


The Queensland Government is funding the project in 2017-2018 under DAF1498CQA-3 for the provision of rehabilitation and management of fish habitat in Central Queensland.

Key outcomes of the project:

1- Promote linkages between and amongst (connectivity) the area where fish live (habitat).
2- Improve the existing degraded environments where fish live.
3- Reduce the impacts to the environments where fish live.

The project aims to achieve these outcomes by identifying priority areas of the Calliope River and, with the help of the land holders, restore these areas to improve the river and native vegetation along these sections.

There are three stages to the project:

1- Assessment, to identify areas that can be restored through consultation with landholders.
2- Planning, to develop the restoration action plan.
3- Implementation, to carry out any restoration work or management of the Calliope River.

Our teams are currently completing the Stage 1 Assessment. A large part of this stage is consultation with landholders residing along the banks of the Calliope River. Have a look at the priority areas below. If your property falls within these areas and would like to discuss your involvement with our specialists, there are a number of ways you can contact us:







Paul Wileman 07 4994 1000

email-5-16 Email

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